Welcome to Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss

seniors in living area, man reading braille, others reading tabletThe purpose of the Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss is to strive to improve the well-being of adults experiencing vision loss through ... Read more

AAVL Board and Member Meeting Minutes

Please read about AAVL's Meetings, and how to attend, in the About Us page.  AAVL Board and Member Meeting Minutes can be downloaded and read at AAVL Meeting Minutes.

AAVL Cares established by the Membership Committee

Read about the AAVL Cares program here or contact Sharon Strzalkowski or Patty Slaby at aavl-cares@aavl-blind-seniors.org.

AAVL Weekly Support Group Call on Zoom

AAVL holds a weekly support group call on Zoom.  Find out about this call on the Events page on this site.

AAVL’s Advocacy Committee is advocating to amend the Older Americans Act (OAA)

Fundraising Efforts of AAVL

AAVL is engaged in a number of fundraising projects including TerriLynn treat sales, sales of clothing and tote bags designed by Blind Girl Designs especially for AAVL, participation in the Brenda Dillon Walk at the upcoming ACB convention and seeking donations through ACB’s monthly  Monetary Support (MMS) program. Read about the fundraising efforts of AAVL at our Support AAVL page

Hourglass Newsletter

The current Hourglass Newsletters is found at https://aavl-blind-seniors.org/hourglass where you can read it online or download either MS Word, .pdf, or .txt files. Past issues can be found at https://www.aavl-blind-seniors.org/hourglass-archives. The Editor of the Hourglass can be reached by email at hourglass@aavl-blind-seniors.org.

Thinking of Joining AAVL?

AAVL continuously seeks to recruit members. To complete the online form and pay online go directly to our membership page.

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